Apple refurbished 2019 iMac models now available in Canada

In the aftermath of yesterday’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro announcements, Apple has added the 2019 iMac models to its Canadian online refurbished store.

As per usual, the store offers a 15 percent discount on the equivalent price of a brand new model. Each and every Apple device sold through the refurbished store comes with the company’s standard one-year warranty, which Canadian consumers can extend by purchasing AppleCare+ for $199 CAD.

Apple also ensures that each and every refurbished unit is fully working. Lastly, each unit comes in a new box with all the correct cables and accessories, as well as a manual.

As Toronto-based YouTuber Dave (2D) Lee points out, there’s really no reason to buy a brand new Mac unless you need to spec it in a specific way.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors