Tesla has been hiring thousands of people to work in its solar division

Tesla's Solar division is ramping up

During the launch of the Model Y crossover in March, Elon Musk mentioned that 2019 was set to be the year of the solar roof for Tesla. Now, new data indicates that maybe he was right.

Tesla hiring data was tracked and published on Thinkum, and since Q4 2018, the company’s solar division has hired more than two times any other section within the company.

In Q4 2018, Tesla had 3,870 listings for its service and energy installation jobs. In Q1 2019 the company ramped all the way up to 32,800. It kept steady in Q2 with 32,300 job openings. So far over the course of Q3, Tesla has only listed 2,250 openings.

Ideally, this will help the company install more solar roofs. The last time we heard news about the roof division the rumour was that the company wasn’t making enough panels.

At the time, Panasonic was using its Gigafactory to sell solar components to other companies besides Tesla.

Source: Thinkum