OnePlus TV to include Bluetooth-compatible remote control

A new certificate from Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the trade body that oversees the Bluetooth standard, indicates OnePlus’ upcoming TV set will ship with a Bluetooth-compatible remote control.

The document, first spotted by MySmartPrice, is light on details. Of note, it mentions that the remote, model number RC-001A, features Bluetooth 4.2 — not the latest 5.0 specification, which adds improvements to the standard’s low-energy format. Unfortunately, there’s no image of the remote to give us an idea of its design.

That said, the fact that it features Bluetooth connectivity is in itself interesting.

Most television remotes don’t feature Bluetooth; instead, they rely on an infrared (IR) blaster to communicate with a TV set. With Bluetooth connectivity onboard, OnePlus could integrate a host of interesting features into its first TV set.

For instance, the company could release an app that allows owners of its TV to control their set with their smartphone. This is a handy feature Roku TVs and set-top boxes include that is great for several reasons, one of which is that you can use your smartphone and a pair of headphones to listen to audio from your TV. The inclusion of Bluetooth can also help to simplify the initial setup process of a new device since it can connect to a smartphone or tablet to pull any login credentials it needs.

In a recent tweet, frequent OnePlus leaker Ishan Argawal said he expects the company will launch the OnePlus TV soon. So expect to learn more in the coming days and weeks.

Source: MySmartPrice