Vidéotron launches 16GB for $65 BYOD promotion

Quebec-based carrier Vidéotron has launched a new promotion offering 16GB for $65 CAD.

Recently Vidéotron offered 17GB for $75, but in less than a week since that sale ended, the telecom is back at it.

This time around the carrier is offering 16GB for $65 per month with its Premium+ plans. Additionally, it’s offering 17GB for $72 and lastly 19GB of data for $82 per month.

There’s also a 10GB for $58 per month option, 9GB for $55 per month and 8GB for $52 per month.

The plans include unlimited calling and texting in Canada, Stingray Music app and the Club Illico video streaming app.

It also comes with call waiting and conferencing calling as well as two out of the three following features, call display, call forwarding and voicemail.

These are all ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) deals.

For those who want to purchase a new smartphone with the plans, the price of the specific plan will increase. For example, the cost of the 16GB plan goes up to $100 but comes with a new JBL GO 2 speaker.

Vidéotron’s website does not indicate when the sale will end. We’ve reached out to the carrier for more information regarding when the deal ends.

Back in June Rogers and Telus pushed out unlimited data plans that give customers as much data as they could need but throttles the speed after hitting a 10GB data allotment.