Amazon Prime Day pro-tip: earn 5x the Aeroplan points with every purchase


Amazon Prime Day is here once again, and that means deals upon deals.

Some are decent; most aren’t worth your time and money. However, whether or not you decide to take advantage of what uncle Jeff has on offer, here’s one tip to get the most out of your purchases: if you’re an Aeroplan member, shop Amazon.ca through the Aeroplan website.

Since 2018, Aeroplan account holders have been able to earn one Aeroplan point for every dollar they spend on Amazon.ca. On Prime Day, Aeroplan offers five times the points for purchases (not including tax and shipping). On big ticket purchases or the purchase of multiple smaller items, five times the points equate to the equivalent of a long haul flight.

Aeroplan points might not be worth much, and you have to earn a lot them to get a flight anywhere, but if you’re already a member, you might as well as get a bit of extra bang for your buck.

Source: Aeroplan