Former head of Vine to join Facebook’s experimental app initiative, NPE

It's not clear what Jason Toff will be working on at NPE, but he's already looking to hire a team

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Facebook’s recently announced ‘New Product Experimentation‘ (NPE) team is getting a new member that suggests we could see a Vine-like app come from the initiative.

Former head of Vine, Jason Toff, announced on Twitter that he’d leave Google to join NPE, where he’ll “be starting up a new initiative.”

NPE will develop experimental apps fro consumers whoa re slightly removed from the core Facebook brand.

Previously, Toff left Vine and Twitter in 2016 to work for Google on VR projects. Later, he joined Google’s own experimental app incubator called Area 120, which has a similar goal to that of NPE. Area 120 recently released a hyperlocal social network called Shoelace.

Toff looks to be the first big name associated with NPE, but there’s likely more to come shortly. Toff is already looking to hire a team of UX designers and engineers to work on the project, whatever it is.

While we may hope for some kind of Vine successor, it’s not clear what we’ll see from Toff and NPE yet. Hopefully, it’s something awesome.

Source: Twitter Via: The Verge