Staples Canada offering 10 percent off nearly everything on its site

Everyone wants a piece of the big two-day summer sale pie

Staples store front

Staples Canada is currently offering 10 percent off across its entire website.

The two-day, online-only promotion appears to be a response to Amazon’s similar 48-hour Prime Day sale.

To take advantage of Staples’ discount, you’ll need to enter the coupon code ‘63878’ at checkout. The code is valid on everything on Staples’ website, besides Bose products and gift cards.

With back to school time on the horizon, this might be a good opportunity to pick up a laptop. For what it’s worth, Staples also sells unlocked Android and iOS phones.

More information on the deal can be found here.

Staples isn’t the only company looking to match Amazon’s big 2-day July sale. Best Buy Canada, Microsoft Canada and The Source are also currently offering various 48-hour deals in an effort to compete with the e-commerce giant.