YouTube Music update lets users seamlessly switch between videos and audio

YouTube Music is making it easier to discover music videos

YouTube Music has added a new feature that lets users switch from listening to a song to watching a video without interruption.

Google’s newest music app has been dropping smaller feature updates, with the latest one syncing songs to official music videos.

This is similar to how the audio app worked before. Prior to the update when you were watching a video on some devices you could choose only to play the video’s audio. The new toggle switches between the album version of the song and the music video. This means that if the video has a long intro, you could now skip it by switching to the audio track

Now, the new update lets users switch from song to video and vice versa. This is a useful feature since it should help users know what songs have videos.

Google says the feature is rolling out for over 5 million songs. If you’re not into videos then there’s a setting called ‘Don’t play music videos’ that you can turn on.

So far we haven’t gotten the feature on any of our phones in the office, but YouTube’s post says it’s rolling out now.

Source: YouTube