Fido offers customers in Quebec 5GB and 9GB of bonus data

By this point, it’s an old song and dance, but the point remains: residents of Quebec get access to some wild carrier promo offers.

Case and point: where Fido is only offering residents in Ontario and other parts of Canada 2GB of bonus data on its 2 and 5GB BYOD Pulse plans, Quebec residents can get 5 and 9GB of bonus data on similarly priced plans from the flanker brand.

Until July 31st, Fido’s 4GB and 7GB BYOD plans, priced at $55 and $65, respectively, come with a bonus 5 and 9GB for 24-months.

Both plans include 500 minutes of Canada-wide calling, upgradable to an unlimited amount for an additional $5 per month, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS messaging. They also come with Fido’s Data Bytes, Xtra and Roam perks.

Source: Fido Via: RedFlagDeals