Virgin Mobile now offers 7GB of data for $60

Bell’s flanker brand Virgin Mobile has updated its pricing structure and is now offering 6GB for $55 and 10GB for $75. 

The company has changed the 6GB for $55 plan to 7GB of data for $60. This plan includes 500 Canada-wide minutes and unlimited messaging. You can also upgrade it to unlimited Canada-wide calling for an extra $5 per month.

This isn’t much of a promotion, however, and more of just an update.

Virgin says that this new plan is a limited time offer, meaning the offer could change at some point. Virgin’s $55 for 6GB was also a limited time offer and was offered for only 15 days.

However, the carrier’s other limited plan, 4GB for $50 is still going strong.

This is a bring your phone plan (BYOD). Customers who want to purchase a smartphone with the plan will have to dish out more money. For example, if a customer goes with the Silver tier, the 7GB of data plan increases to $75.

Source: Virgin Mobile