Chrome OS’ ‘Virtual Desks’ might get 4-finger gesture navigation

Spotted within the Chrome bug tracker is an update coming to Chrome OS that allows users to easily switch between ‘Virtual Desks.’ With four-finger gesture navigation, users will be able to swap between open Virtual Desks with their touchpad.

The bug tracker also reads ‘swipe lift’ which could mean users might be able to swipe up to see the different Virtual Desks. Currently, users can only see the Virtual Desks by navigating to the ‘Overview’ menu, also known as Recent Apps.

This feature is reportedly very early in development. As a result, it might be a while before the functionality is officially available to Chrome OS users, especially considering the commit was recently added.

Similar to macOS, virtual desktops allow users to split-screen for productivity reasons or to better organize different tasks. The feature was originally spotted on Chrome 76 in Chrome’s Canary Channel.

Source: Chromium bug tracker Via: Chrome Unboxed