Google Assistant will now quietly acknowledge when you ask it to dim lights

If you own a Nest Hub or Google Home and a room full of smart lights, you’ve probably experienced this exact situation before: you’re about to fall asleep, so you ask Assistant to turn off the lights; it then responds with a loud, “Ok, turning off x lights.”

The good news is Google is aware of this oversight and says it’s rolling out a quality of life fix to address the issue.

Moving forward, the company says Home and Nest Hub devices in the same room as your smart lights will respond with a chime the next time you ask Assistant to turn off the lights. What’s more, the fix will also work with smart plugs and switches identified as lights. Lastly, Assistant will also respond with a chime when you ask it to dim the lights or increase their brightness.

Google says it’s already rolling out this update to Home and Nest Hub users. It should be available to all users soon.

Update 08/13/2019: All Assistant-powered speakers and displays will now silently control lights. Lights will need to be grouped in the same room as a smart speaker, however, or Google will still respond with words when you ask it to turn on the lights.

Source: Google Via: Engadget