Small Google Camera update breaks Assistant voice commands

Asking Google to "take a picture" will open the camera app, but won't snap a photo

A small update that rolled out to the Google Camera this week has caused the Google Assistant ‘take a picture’ command to stop working.

The relatively small update from version ‘6.2.030’ to ‘6.2.031’ didn’t even get a ‘What’s new’ listing on the Play Store, but something in the release has messed up Assistant.

Essentially, the change prevents Assistant from actually taking a picture. When you use the ‘take a picture’ command, or similar commands like ‘take a selfie’ or ‘take a video,’ Google Assistant should open the camera app and begin those actions. For example, when taking a selfie, Assistant opens the camera app to the front-facing camera then starts a timer that counts down until it takes the photo.

However, the new Google Camera update breaks the photo-taking process. Assistant can still open the camera app to the right spot, like the front-facing camera for selfies or to the video setting when taking a video. It no longer takes a picture or video automatically.

MobileSyrup was able to confirm this behaviour on a Pixel 2 XL running the Android Q Beta. Further, 9to5Google tested a Pixel 3 and 3a, which also had the issue. On top of that, a Reddit thread has popped up with users experiencing the same bug.

9to5Google tested a leaked version of Google Camera version 6.3, but Assistant voice commands worked normally, further suggesting the issue was related to a small or inadvertent change in version 6.2.031. Hopefully, Google pushes out a fix soon.

Source: Reddit Via: 9to5Google