All three 2020 iPhones to feature 5G connectivity: report

iPhone XS

Contrary to his earlier predictions, frequently accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says all three of Apple’s 2020 iPhone models will feature 5G connectivity, according to a new investor note obtained by MacRumors and AppleInsider.

Previously, Kuo had said only two of the high-end models would allow consumers to take advantage of 5G networks. According to Kuo, Apple has changed strategy to better position the iPhone against low-cost Android smartphones that will launch with 5G, as well as to better meet consumer and carrier demand. Additionally, the company’s recent acquisition of Intel’s modem business has brought in additional manpower and expertise to help develop a 5G iPhone.

Kuo goes on to state that all three models will support both Sub-6GHz and mmWave wavelengths, which will allow them to take advantage of network rollouts across the globe, including those currently occurring in the U.S., China and Europe.

By all accounts, Apple once again plans a tick-tock-tock iPhone upgrade cycle where the 2019 models will include only minor updates over the company’s 2018 lineup. So far, there have been reports that Apple will integrate a laser-assisted time-of-flight rear camera and 120Hz display to the 2020 model, as well as other enhancements.

Source: MacRumors, AppleInsider