Bell upgrading Whole Home Wi-Fi pods with increased speeds, increased price

The total coverage area hasn't really changed though

bell home wifi

Bell is upgrading its Whole Home Wi-Fi pods to increase the amount of coverage and speed per pod, however, the price is going up as well.

The new pods are bigger than the old ones and each node covers double the amount of space and can support double the internet speeds.

The older generation of pods will stay in rotation until August 6th, but will now be renamed as Wi-Fi Pods Mini. The new version coming out on August 6th will be called Wi-Fi Pods.

The monthly price of the existing four-pack of Mini Pods jumped from $5 to $10 per month on July 21st, and when the larger pods launch on August 6th that price will change to $15 for a two-pack of the larger beacons.

Bell no longer includes the intuitive mesh system with the 1.5GB home internet plan tier, meaning it’s only available as a monthly add on.

Every additional beacon after that will cost an extra $7.50 per month.

The new pods can reach speeds of 500MBps and have a range of about 500 square feet per pod. Both these measurements are twice the size of the older nodes, according to documents obtained by MobileSyrup.

While the supported internet speeds are a plus, the coverage area is going to be the same as the old pod package. Two of the new pods can cover the same 1,000 square foot area that the old four-pack did.  Plus the old package used to cost $5 per month before the July 21st price increase.

Bell’s Wi-Fi pods come from a company called Plume which also currently has two pod sizes. You can check out the tech spec differences here.