Google experiments with allowing Nest Hub to Cast to other devices

According to a Reddit user, Google is testing a “Move to” feature on the Nest Hub that allows users to move the audio output from the Hub to another Cast-enabled device.

For example, say you have a Google Nest Hub sitting in the kitchen and a Cast-enabled speaker in the living room. You could now switch your music output back and forth without trouble.

At the moment, “Move to” doesn’t appear on all Nest Hubs, suggesting that Google is testing it on a small scale.

Furthermore, the same Reddit user says that Assistant doesn’t recognize the new “Move to” feature. While Google might add it in the future, users have to go back to the Hub and switch outputs.

Released in 2018, the Google Nest Hub is a smart display that offers miscellaneous helpful services from commanding smart home items in the household to music playback.

Other companies like Lenovo and JBL have released their own smart displays that include many of the same features as the Nest Hub.

Source: Reddit Via: XDA Developers