Sonos + Ikea Symfonisk speakers now available in Canada

Ikea's new Symfonisk Wi-Fi speaker lineup

Sonos and Ikea’s new lineup of Symfonisk Wi-Fi speakers is now available to purchase at Ikea stores across Canada.

At launch, Canadians can choose between a bookshelf and table lamp speaker, priced at $149 and $249 respectively. Ikea has also started selling the rails and brackets one needs to mount the bookshelf speaker to a wall.

While neither features built-in voice control, it’s possible to use both with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so long as you have access to another smart speaker. Both speakers are controllable via the Sonos mobile app, as well as Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol. For the price, both speakers sound clear, crisp and articulate.

At the moment, neither of the speakers are available to purchase online. However, most Ikea stores have significant stock available.

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Source: Ikea