Google pledges to use recycled materials in all of its hardware products by 2022

Google has committed to using recycled materials in all of its Made by Google products by 2022. This includes such hardware as Pixel phones, Pixelbook laptops, Google Home speakers and more.

Speaking to The Fast Company, Google says it has already begun to use recycled materials in its Chromecast streaming devices and Google Homes and cases. “Basically in every single point of the process and in every single product, we’re going to be asking these questions and making these decisions,” Ana Corrales, the chief operating officer for Google hardware, said of the company’s approach to sustainable production.

Further, Google promises to make all of its shipments carbon neutral by 2020. Google says it has already reduced emissions by 40 percent by switching from air shipments to cargo. However, the company did not specify to The Fast Company when this reduction occurred or how long it took to achieve.

Google isn’t the only major tech giant thinking green. Last year, Apple revealed a “Daisy” robot that can recycle old iPhones, among other eco-friendly initiatives. Meanwhile, Samsung has pledged to replace plastic packaging with environmentally sustainable materials.

Source: The Fast Company Via: The Verge


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