Google Assistant now lets you dismiss individual reminders

For a while now, Google Assistant has, somewhat frustratingly, not allowed you to dismiss individual reminders. Instead, you’d have to get rid of entire cards of notifications at a time.

Now, Google Assistant has separated each reminder so they can be dismissed individually. Each reminder can be snoozed for one hour, marked as finished or left in the tray for later.

Additionally, the list screen for reminders has received a small redesign. When tapping on a reminder, you’ll now see checkboxes for each entry and overdue notifications will be marked accordingly. Choosing to edit one of these reminders will open up Assistant, which will ask what you’d like changed.

As noted by Android Police, it appears that this new Assistant functionality was rolled out sometime over the past few weeks. However, it’s unclear exactly when the changes took effect or how many users they have reached.

Source: Android Police