iOS 12 installed on 88 percent of all iPhone, iPad devices, says Apple

Ahead of the public release of iOS 13, Apple has released the most up-to-date iOS version statistics.

As of August 6th, 2019, 88 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models are now on some version of iOS 12, according to the company. Counting only the devices Apple released in the past four years, that number increases to 90 percent. The company compiles iOS version data by measuring App Store traffic.

Rounding out our picture of Apple’s mobile ecosystem, the company says seven percent of all active devices are still on iOS 11, while another five percent are on some earlier version of the operating system. That final five percent likely represents devices that can’t update to iOS 12.

Prior to today, Apple most recently released iOS version statistics on May 30th. The data then showed that 85 percent of iOS devices were on iOS 12.

What’s notable here is that the uptake on iOS 12 has been better than iOS 11. Compared to the same period last year, only 85 percent of iOS devices were on iOS 11. Presumably, one of the things that helped push iOS device owners to update their devices this time around was Apple’s focus on making its mobile operating system faster and more stable.

Alongside the new iPhones, Apple will release iOS 13 sometime in mid-September. Some of the new features Apple plans to introduce to iOS with 13 include a native dark mode, new Photos and Reminders apps and, perhaps most excitingly, major enhancements to the experience of using the iPad.

Source: Apple Via: 9to5Mac