Sonos might be working on its first portable speaker: report

Sonos could be in the process of releasing its first-ever portable speaker, according to The Verge that went through the company’s filings to the U.S. Federal Communication Commission.

The new speaker in question features audio streaming capability through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Verge stresses that no other Sonos speakers have Bluetooth audio playback. However, the tech site says using Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi means losing access to the Sonos app.

Furthermore, the portable speaker would include a new feature called Auto Trueplay that automatically adjusts playback settings using its built-in microphone. Other Sonos speakers rely on microphones on smartphones to determine playback conditions.

With this convenient calibration tool, the speaker could quickly adapt to new locations by analyzing the acoustic characteristics of its surroundings without the need for other gadgets.

Beyond that, the Sonos speaker supports hands-free commands like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It charges through either a base station or over its USB-C port. It’s also larger than the Sonos One and the Sonos Play:1 and sports an integrated handle for easier transportation.

Source: The Verge