New Plex app for Windows and Mac brings updated interface and drops HTPC support

The latest Plex update brings a new app and it's awesome

Plex fans have a lot to swallow with this new update because the good doesn’t come without the bad.

First up: the new app, which you can download here, looks great and Plex says that it’s more stable than it’s older Windows app. It also has better offline download capacity so it’s smoother than before and supports many of the same formats as Plex’s smart TV apps.

With since Plex has so many smart TV apps it’s decided that it doesn’t need to support home theatre PC setup anymore (HTPC).

Another direction Plex claims to be heading is better offline media support. Until this app, Plex has called its download section ‘Sync,’ but now it’s naming it ‘Downloads’ so users are less confused.

While Plex moves its main desktop client on desktop away from the web version, it’s unclear if it will continue to support the web version which could still be handy for ChromeOS users.

Overall, this is a slick update that brings a real Plex app to Mac and Windows.

Soure: Plex