Here’s a first look of Google Stadia’s user interface

We finally get a glimpse of what Google Stadia's UI may look like in its final build

Google’s push to encourage the public to invest in its video game streaming service continued in Germany during Gamescom.

Thanks to Reddit user ‘S3basuchian‘, we finally get a glimpse into what Stadia’s user interface looks like, building up to its launch in November.

Pulling up this UI literally requires a push of the Stadia button.

The first thing you notice is the dark theme, which looks conventional but pleasing to the eye. However, we don’t know if you can change the colour scheme.

On the top-left hand corner, we see that it shows the status of your network connection. This makes sense, as the service relies solely on your online connection.

On the right hand side, we see a menu with the user’s profile, along with settings for ‘connection,’ ‘controller’ and ‘audio.’ However, we don’t know what these options consist of.

The user profile has the most information, as it contains a profile photo, status. and the online name.

While the status icon is basic enough, it’ll be interesting to see if users can upload a custom photo or only choose pre-selected avatars.

The image also shows what regular usernames will look like; it will likely contain a nickname, pound symbol and a set of numbers next to it.

However, those that purchase the Stadia Founder’s edition will not have a pre-assigned number attached to their name.

Below those options contain a friend list, though we don’t know what that will look like since it’s empty. Most likely, it will just show a user profile.

Visually speaking, this is all we know about Google Stadia.

However, if you want to know more information on its gaming capability, MobileSyrup tried out the streaming service at Gamescom, which you can view here.

Image Credits: Reddit user ‘S3basuchian

Source: 9to5Google via Reddit