Samsung updates Galaxy Fold tutorial videos to highlight phone’s design

Galaxy Fold

Samsung has released a new series of Galaxy Fold tutorial videos in an effort to better showcase the foldable phone’s unique design.

On Twitter, Samsung posted one of the new videos, which highlights the larger cap that’s placed between the Fold’s screen and hinge to prevent dust and other particles from gathering. Meanwhile, the video shows the larger space between the hinge and the body of the device.

The video also gives a better look at App Continuity, the Fold feature that allows the app that’s running on the smaller front screen to automatically open up on the inside and resize properly to naturally fit across both displays.

In general, the new videos also help Samsung promote the Fold’s updated design. The phone has gone through a redesign since it was unveiled in February. Because of these changes, Samsung has pushed back the launch of the phone to September.

A specific release date has yet to be revealed, although the phone is confirmed to be coming to Canada.

Source: Samsung