YouTube Music finally adds sorting options to albums and playlists

Better late than never

Over a year after the service was created, Google is finally giving users more options to sort their albums and playlists in YouTube Music.

Now, you’ll be able to organize your songs from A-Z and reverse alphabetical order in your library. Before this update, YouTube Music automatically organized your playlist by songs that were recently added.

It was a strange omission when the app first launched, especially when it’s a basic feature. It’s also interesting why library sorting took so long in the first place.

Google promised this feature last year in an interview with Engadget, saying that they would continue to address issues with the service bi-weekly.

While these options are appreciated, it’s still quite limiting. Hopefully, Google will add more sorting choices later in the year.

YouTube Music is available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: 9to5Google