Transport Canada fines drone pilot $2,750 for capturing footage during Toronto Raptors win


Raptors fans took the streets of Toronto after the team won the NBA Championships.

Pictures and videos flooded social media, but one stood out from them all. A beautiful drone video of Yonge-Dundas Square during the peak of the excitement. Thousands of fans rejoiced.

However, operating a drone in the downtown core is against the law, and Transport Canada has fined the individual for this conduct.

According to a release by Transport Canada, the individual, who is not named, has been charged with 11 violations of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) that include flying an unregistered drone, operating a remotely piloted aircraft in controlled airspace, operating within 30 metres of another person, operating a drone during a special aviation event, and more.

Transport Canada served fines totalling $2,750 CAD. A statement from Transport Canada reads as follows:

“Transport Canada is committed to enhancing aviation and public safety while encouraging innovation and economic growth in the drone sector, but operating a drone in Canadian airspace is a regulated activity, and the department will enforce the regulations to ensure compliance. The safety of Canadians is our number one priority. Drone pilots must fly responsibly and must never put people or aircraft in danger.”

Transport Canada’s drone regulations went into effect on June 1, 2019.

Source: Transport Canada