Twitter temporarily suspends ability to tweet via text message after Jack Dorsey hack

Twitter will temporarily suspend the ability to tweet via text messages after its CEO Jack Dorsey was hacked via the feature.

“We’re taking this step because of vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by mobile carriers,” the company said on Twitter.

Bloomberg reported that the company intends to reactivate the service soon and that it plans to develop a longer-term strategy for the feature.

A group of hackers gained access to Dorsey’s account last week and sent out promotional tweets for the group’s Discord server and a series of offensive messages to 4.2 million followers. It was reported that the hackers used a SIM swap, which impersonates a phone number.

It’s worth noting that many people have their number connected to Twitter, either for security verification or simply because when you initially sign up, the social network asks users to input their phone number by default.

Source: Bloomberg