Ecosia is a search engine with a social cause [App of the Week]

Every search puts money towards planting trees around the world

If you’re tired of using Google or just want to do some good in the world, Germany-developed Ecosia is here to help you plant trees with your web searches.

At its core, the app generates money from ads within its search results and then uses that money to plant trees around the world. To date, the app has planted over 67 million trees using this method. Another plus, is the company’s servers are operational thanks to solar power.

The search engine launched in late 2009 and has grown to encompass many platforms since then. You can download the app on both Android and iOS, plus there’s an app for Mac and Google Chrome and Firefox extensions for browsing on your computer.

Both of the mobile apps offer the same functionality as any other browser, and the search results are very often accurate.

The app’s website says it generally takes around 45 searches to plant a tree, but that depends on the ad value attached to what you’re looking up.

You can add bookmarks and favourites to your app, as well as run multiple tabs. Honestly, this is just a browser and you can expect it to act as such.

If you’re not sold on the company’s commitment to its social cause, then you can even check out the monthly financial records it publishes on its website to see exactly how much it donates.

You can download Ecosia for both iOS and Android for free.