Android TV will reportedly receive Stadia support, new hardware release

A new report from XDA Developers points to a major upcoming update to Android TV.

According to the site, which saw a Google slide during a recent conference, Google outlined its plans for Android TV over the next two years.

Later this year, the company is planning to allow device makers to add custom phrases to Assistant and roll out a Play Store redesign. These features would roll out as part of an Android 10 update.

In 2020, Google is planning to bring its Stadia game streaming service to the OS. This is particularly noteworthy since the only confirmed way to play to Stadia games on a TV is through a Chromecast Ultra.

Further, Google is said to be preparing a “hero device” launch, which will include “next-gen” smart home features. Meanwhile, Google is looking to hit 8,000 Android TV apps by the end of next year.

In 2021, Google is reportedly aiming to hit as many as 10,000 apps. Further, the company wants to reduce hardware fragmentation and offer improved Assistant functionality in 2021.

Source: XDA Developers