Android 10’s Live Caption could launch alongside Pixel 4

At Google I/O 2019 the Mountain View, California company revealed ‘Live Caption‘, an accessibility feature that was listed as launching alongside Android 10. However, Android 10 is now available and the feature still hasn’t released.

XDA Developers recently got its hands on a slew of Pixel 4 APKs that included Live Caption and installed the feature it on a Pixel 2 XL. Since Live Caption was available within the Pixel 4 APKs, XDA believes Google will launch the feature alongside the smartphone at its official unveiling on October 15th.

XDA tested Live Caption with Amazon Prime Video, Google Photos, Google Podcasts, Netflix and YouTube, and says that it performed great with these apps. You’ll be able to turn on a setting that allows users to activate Live Captions from the volume panel. There’s also an option to mask profanity — in this case, it replaces the profanity with asterisks.

The feature will automatically turn on when it detects audio and creates a notification in the status bar. You can quickly turn off Live Caption by expanding the notification and tapping ‘stop.’ You can also reportedly drag down the captions to dismiss them, similar to the picture-in-picture feature.

Check out XDA‘s video of the feature in action below.

Live Caption could launch on other Pixel and Android devices, though it’s likely coming to Google’s Pixel 4 first.

Source: XDA Developers