Elon Musk says ‘Smart Summon’ could go live in Canada this weekend

Canadian Tesla owners might be able to use Tesla’s ‘Smart Summon’ feature very soon.

According to a recent Tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted the company is ‘aiming for this weekend!’ regarding launching the feature.

Smart Summon allows Tesla owners to use their smartphone to instruct, or in this case ‘summon,’ their Tesla to come to them.

To do this, Tesla owners will need to have purchased Full Self-Driving Capability or Enhanced Autopilot. Once enabled, you can have your Tesla navigate a parking lot or other location and come to you, as long as the car “is within their line of sight.’

In the United States, several owners have posted videos showing Smart Summon, with many Tesla owners crashing their vehicles or encountering close calls.

Tesla states that “Those using Smart Summon must remain responsible for the car and monitor it and its surroundings at all times.”