Health Canada to use Strainprint Technologies’ database on cannabis usage

The database will provide an insight into Canadians’ cannabis use post-legalization

Strainprint Technologies, a cannabis data and analytics company, has announced that Health Canada has subscribed to its analytics database.

Health Canada will use the research platform, Strainprint Analytics, to research Canadians’ cannabis use after legalization. The database will help Health Canada to ensure public safety when it comes to cannabis use.

The department will use the software to understand how products and producers rank against each other, as well as get faster visibility into any potential reactions.

It will also help Health Canada to track how cannabis usage has changed before and after legalization.

“Canada has developed the most sophisticated and compliant medical cannabis program in the world, which makes Health Canada, arguably, one of the most important data customers in the industry,” said Strainprint CEO Andrew Muroff in a press release.

Health Canada has access to more than 1.4 million anonymized patient-reported outcomes through the database.

Source: Strainprint Technologies