Google adds new widget to YouTube Music

It seems like Google is on track to add small features to its app

YouTube Music has received a new update that adds a home screen widget to the still relatively new music streaming app.

This isn’t the most requested update, but it is something that users do love, as was made evident by the outcry when Spotify took away its widget.

The YouTube Music widget is reasonably good looking and adapts its colour to whatever song the service is currently playing. Compared to a lot of other widgets, I think it looks cleaner than competing services like Spotify, Google Play Music and others. Although, it’s a lot like the Google Play Music option but with updated colours.

You can get the widget if your YouTube Music app is version 3.39. If you can’t get the update right now from the Play Store, you can download the APK from APK Mirror. 

Google has been adding small updates to the YouTube Music app lately as it presumably gets closer to the demise of Google Play Music. Earlier this month it added new personalized playlists and an updated artist page. While users are still waiting for the ability to upload their own music, this update doesn’t bring that functionality to the platform.

Via: 9to5Google