This award-winning photo editing app is on sale for 57% off today

No matter how skilled you are in photography, you need to edit your photos if you want to achieve the best visual results. However, if photography is just a hobby, then it doesn’t make sense to pour years of practice into photo editing. With Luminar 3, you can use AI to automatically enhance your photos for just $38.30.

Luminar 3 is an award-winning photo editing app that uses AI to make smart, human-aware adjustments to create stunning photos. By using the Accent AI 2.0 slider, you can make automatic adjustments to contrast, sharpness, warmth, and more for realistic results. You can adjust your photos further with the AI Sky Enhancer, which adds volumetric lighting effects such as beams of light to your photos. Finally, Luminar 3 offers 70 different instant look filters that provide unique moods that suit different types of photos.

Beautiful photography shouldn’t require hours of editing. With Luminar 3, you can use the power of AI to edit your photos for just $38.30 CAD [$29 USD], or 57% off.

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Luminar 3: Award-Winning Photography Software – $29

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