BlackBerry, University of Waterloo renew partnership to drive innovation

The partnership aims to train the next generation of technology and cybersecurity experts

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BlackBerry and the University of Waterloo have announced that they plan to renew their partnership to drive the innovation economy forward.

The two organizations say they will work together to develop a plan for joint innovation and create a lab that will attempt to accelerate research and form products that can be marketed.

They will work together on the university’s campus to allow students and faculty work alongside BlackBerry. This will be done in the form of workshops and development sessions.

“We are thrilled to reinvigorate our relationship which promises to strengthen the entire Canadian technology and cybersecurity industry,” said Charles Eagan, the chief technology officer at BlackBerry, in a press release.

The partnership aims to transition technologies more efficiently to the market and offer new opportunities to train the next generation of technology and cybersecurity experts.

Source: BlackBerry