‘Google for Small Business’ launches in Canada

The tool is designed to help small businesses grow and reach their goals

Google for Small Business, a tool designed to help businesses grow and stand out online, has launched in Canada.

The tool aims to help businesses grow online by finding ways to reach more customers and developing methods to work more efficiently.

The website asks a few questions, and then builds a personalized plan of Google products to help a company reach its goals. The business also receives a step-by-step plan to stand out online and achieve its different objectives.

Google says this is an easy way for small businesses to get tailored solutions to optimize their efficiency. It says that growth for small businesses isn’t always about more, and that it is about getting things done in faster and easier ways.

“This is why we created Google for Small Business – to help small businesses thrive by providing tools and support to connect with more customers and achieve lasting success,” the tech giant said in a blog post.

You can access Google for Small Business here.

Source: Google