Instagram to start hiding likes in the U.S. after testing in Canada

Instagram on the OnePlus 6T

Instagram is expanding its like-hiding experiment to the U.S. starting this week.

The Facebook-owned social network started hiding likes on its platform in Canada over the summer. The experiment expanded to Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand within a few months.

The plan to start hiding likes in the U.S. comes from Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, who shared the details at last week’s Wired25 conference. Mosseri said the change was to help young people and to “depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition.”

Instagram’s U.S. test will begin with a limited number of users as it rolls out. As in other countries, those who see the change won’t see the like counts for other users’ posts. However, they’ll still be able to check the like counts on their own posts.

Affected users will see a notification in the Instagram app when the test begins.

The U.S. will be the eighth country where Instagram pilots the change.

Source: 9to5Mac


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