Learn how to leverage data from Google Analytics with this $64 bundle deal

Data is everywhere and learning how to leverage it will make you a valuable asset in any industry. In fact, if you’re interested in a career in marketing, one of the most potent tools in your arsenal will be Google Analytics, which illustrates the data you and your marketing firm need to stay ahead of the game, and you can learn how to use Google Analytics in just a few hours with this $64 bundle. 

Google Analytics for Beginners features 4 courses on how to get up to speed with Google Analytics and start thinking like an analyst. In these courses, you’ll be introduced to Google Analytics’ powerful reports, which you can use to gain insights from your marketing agency’s campaigns and user behavior. Using this information, you and your team can pinpoint conversion opportunities and make data-backed decisions that will meet your product, marketing, and strategy goals. Finally, you can use the insights gained from Google Analytics to confidently communicate your decisions with your firm’s clients and stakeholders. 

With Google Analytics, you’ll have all the data necessary to make shrewd business decisions. Google Analytics for Beginners will teach you how to analyze this data for $64.59 CAD [$49 USD], or 90% off.

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Google Analytics for Beginners – $49

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