Microsoft develops AI system to detect cervical cancer

The tool could help doctors weed out normal cases and focus on the ones that require attention

Microsoft has developed a tool that uses artificial intelligence to detect cervical cancer, which could aid doctors in countries that have an overwhelming number of patients.

The tool was developed in partnership with SRL Diagnostics, a blood test lab in India.

The team trained an AI system to detect signs of the cancer by feeding it images of pap smears and pre-cancerous samples. The system is then able to spot abnormalities.

This is a way for doctors to pre-screen patients and potentially only have to look at the patients whose tests show reason for concern.

“We thought it was a good opportunity to apply AI and automation to drive efficiency and save lives,” said Prashant Gupta, program director at Microsoft Azure Global Engineering, in a blog post.

SRL Diagnostics has noted that it receives more than 100,000 samples a year, and that around 98 percent of them are normal. This system would weed out the normal samples and allow the doctors to focus on the two percent of samples that require attention.

Although the framework is not in use just yet, it is ready for an internal preview at SRL Diagnostics.

Microsoft isn’t the only company developing AI initiatives for health care. A Toronto organization recently developed AI for use in In-Vitro Fertilization clinics to help improve the number of successful pregnancies.

Source: Microsoft Via: Engadget