AirFly’s new dongle lets you use the AirPods Pro with a plane’s entertainment system

AirFly Pro

Twelve South’s new AirFly Pro headphone dongle allows you to connect your wireless headphones to any device with a 3.5mm jack that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

While some might not have a purpose for an accessory like this, if you’ve ever dreamed of using your AirPods with the Nintendo Switch Lite or even with a plane’s in-flight entertainment system, this is the dongle you’ve been waiting for.

The new version of the accessory is capable of connecting two pairs of headphones simultaneously and also features double the battery life when compared to the original AirFly Classic, coming in at 16 hours.

The adapter also now features an aux input, which allows you to stream music to a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth when it’s connected to a 3.5mm headphone jack. This feature is perfect for adding Bluetooth support to a car stereo or even an older home stereo system.

While Apple’s original AirPods don’t feature noise cancelling, the AirPods Pro include active noise cancelling, making them great for flights. I recently used the AirPods Pro on a flight and can confirm that they worked surprisingly well, despite only being in-ear earbuds and not over-ear headphones.

AirFly also sells a standard version of the dongle called the ‘Duo’ that doesn’t include the ability to send audio from your phone to an auxiliary port in a car or speaker, but that can still send audio from a headphone jack to wireless headphones.

The AirFly Pro are priced at $59 USD ($78 CAD) with $5 USD (about$6.62 CAD) for shipping to Canada