Netflix exec says nothing has changed for the company following Disney+ launch

The platform's chief content officer said that Netflix is focusing on its customers instead of its rivals

Netflix’s chief content officer says that the platform is not worried about competition from companies like Disney, which recently entered the streaming service industry.

Ted Sarandos said that nothing has changed for Netflix after Disney+ launched on November 12th. The newly launched streaming service garnered over 10 million sign-ups on its first day, which instantly made it one of the largest streaming services.

“Our focus has been, and it will be, on making great content people love, delivered seamlessly,” said Sarandos, at the 24th Paley International Council Summit in New York.

He added that despite different forms of delivery in the past, Netflix has always been competing with Disney and other similar companies. He said that nothing has changed because it’s the same players with the same content.

“We’ve been competing with Disney and all these other folks who are coming into this from the beginning,” he stated during the summit.

Sarandos said that rather than focusing on its rivals, Netflix is focusing on its customers. He stated that the company doesn’t get distracted by rivals because he believes that Netflix has better things to spend its energy on.

Source: Variety