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Landing your link at the top of Google search results is a murky alchemy at best.  But even with so many factors and algorithms and daily shifting in play, one thing in the pursuit of prime search traffic is clear: a lack of planning will all but doom you to fail.

But with the tactics available in training like The Pro Google SEO and SERP Certification Bundle ($29 USD, $37.82 CAD), you can certainly put yourself in position to use the SEO game to your best advantage.

The 10-course, 27-hour package of key insights explores all the tools and tactics for landing at the top of Google search results.

From selecting the right keywords (Advanced SEO Keyword Research) to best practices (Perfect On-Page SEO In 1 Day That Users & Google Will Love, Advanced SEO: Rank in All 10 Google Search Results, Marketing Strategies to Reach 1,000,000 People) to using assets like Google Images and Amazon to widen your reach (Google Image SEO: Image Search & Higher Website Page Ranking, Google Citations to Boost SEO for New Local Websites, Amazon SEO, Amazon Sales & Ads For Ecommerce Domination), the steps to achieving great SERP (search engine results pages) placement are here.

You’ll also get a full explainer on exactly which tools the true SEO pro needs to expand your reach and connect via search.

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Prices are subject to change.

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The Pro Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundle – $29

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