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How many books are stacked up unread on your bedside table? Worse yet, how many great new releases have you heard about from friends or via media that you’d love to read, but know you’ll never, ever, ever get to?

It’s a sad state of affairs to realize you don’t have time to learn something new. Fortunately, however, you’re wrong. 

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Yep, BookNotes’ expertly distills each book to its central themes and main takeaways, offering tight 15-minute overviews in both written and audio versions. So whether it’s on your drive home, during a lunch break, working out at the gym or basically anywhere, all it takes is 900 seconds to learn something entirely new.

The BookNotes library is sprawling, featuring over 1,000 books covering virtually every category, from finance, love and career to health and happiness and even classic literature balancing out the well-rounded offerings.

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BookNotes Book Summaries: Lifetime Subscription – $29

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