Disney shares video of lifeless Spider-Man robot flipping through the sky

Is this tragedy or comedy?

Disney recently shared a video that looks like someone thew a crash test dummy in a Spider-Man outfit off a building.

The video is described in a tweet as, “Spider-Man will soon swing into action above Avengers Campus opening this summer at Disney California Adventure Park.”

CNET is reporting that the doll is not, in fact, a lifeless corpse, but rather an animatronic robot designed to do acrobatic maneuvers. Disney has been working on this tech for two years, and if you ask me they should keep going.

The video is suspiciously empty of any scenes showing the Spider-Bot landing, so it seems unlikely that it even can. That said, it’s probably a funnier attraction to see a Spider-man robot do a flip in the air and then land on its face anyway.

This robot is going to be used as an attraction in the upcoming Avengers area of Disney’s Californian theme park, and I can’t help but laugh at the thought of a bunch of janky robots wandering around like a demented version of Westworld.

Honestly, I’m surprised Disney isn’t hiring real performers instead of building robots, but who knows, maybe the House of Mouse can pull it off.

Source: Disney (@Disney) Via: CNET