iPhone camera module supply factory shuts down due to the coronavirus

This is the latest setback that Apple is facing due to the virus

Apple logo on iPhone

LG Innotek, which supplies camera modules for iPhones, has been forced to shut down some of its factories in South Korea due to the coronavirus.

This is significant because LG Innotek is likely supplying camera modules for the upcoming iPhone 12, which is expected to launch later this year. That said, it’s currently unlikely that there will be a major impact on the upcoming phones.

However, this is the latest hit that Apple has taken from the coronavirus, after it had to close some factories in China. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently said that the company’s factories in China are reopening since “China is getting the coronavirus under control.”

The tech giant has already warned investors that it is not going to meet its revenue target for March due to the coronavirus, which has impacted production and demand in China. It had forecast around $63 billion USD (about $83 billion CAD) to $67 billion USD (about $88 billion CAD) for the quarter ending in March.

Apple previously said that although its facilities have reopened in China, production was not restarting as quickly as expected.

Further, the tech giant said that store restrictions due to the coronavirus have also impacted its sales in China since stores are either fully closed or only open for select hours.

Source: Reuters Via: 9to5Mac