Streaming time on Roku devices jumps to 13.2 billion hours

Roku confirms that people are staying inside and watching a lot of TV

Roku has announced that during the first quarter of 2020 its streaming numbers have jumped nearly 50 percent to 13.2 billion hours.

The company’s first quarter ended March 31st, meaning only the first month of the world-wide self-isolation is recorded in the data. If it continues, the company will likely have larger numbers to report in Q2.

It also says that it has added nearly 3 million subscribers which likely means new people buying devices and making accounts.

Sadly, it’s not all roses for Roku, which posted a $60 million USD (roughly, $83 million CAD) loss at the end of its quarter. It’s also taking out a $70 million USD (roughly, $97 million CAD) credit to deal with the current conditions according to Engadget

So while more people have been watching content on Roku’s platform, it hasn’t translated in more ad sales or a crazy amount of people buying its set-top boxes.

Source: Roku, Engadget