Apple releases instructions and manufacturing guide for its face shields

The tech giant is providing its design to other companies trying to aid public health efforts

Apple has released design instructions and a manufacturing guide for its face shields to encourage others to develop their own versions.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shortage of medical equipment across the world. Tech giants like Apple have contributed by developing their own versions of protective equipment and donating it to hospitals in need.

Apple has donated hundreds of thousands of face shields to date, and has now released instructions for other companies to do the same.

The manufacturing guide includes details about the materials that are needed to produce the shields, along with tips on how to properly pack them for transport.

Releasing its designs for the shields is a helpful move on Apple’s part because it could help other companies that are trying to aid public health efforts by allowing them to skip the design steps and go straight to the production steps.

The tech giant notes that the manufacturing instructions should only be used by an expert in a factory environment since the production requires professional level expertise.

Image credit: Apple

Source: Apple Via: Apple Insider