Telus expands digital platform to allow B.C. healthcare providers to virtually monitor patients with COVID-19

The Home Health Monitoring app lets healthcare providers remotely monitor the biometrics of multiple patients at once


Telus has expanded its Home Health Monitoring (HHM) technology in British Columbia to allow healthcare providers to digitally observe their patients who have either tested positive for COVID-19 or at risk of contracting the virus.

With the platform, healthcare providers can track their patients’ symptoms and offer medical help as they recover at home. Specifically, the patient can access HHM from a mobile app, which will send them daily prompts to report such biometrics as temperature, physical symptoms and overall health condition.

The healthcare provider can then receive this information on their end and go forward with the patient accordingly. According to Telus, HHM can display information for multiple patients at once, allowing providers to more effectively monitor larger groups of patients.

More information on HHM can be found here.

Source: Telus