LG to reveal Velvet phone in South Korea on May 7

With how time zones work, the phone will actualy be revealed May 6th in Canada

LG will reveal its upcoming ‘Velvet’ smartphone sooner than expected.

Previous rumours pointed to the South Korean company unveiling its high-end mid-range smartphone on May 15th, but in a surprising turn of events, LG will show off the device on May 7th.

LG announced that it will reveal the Velvet on its South Korean YouTube channel and its Facebook page on May 7th at 10am in South Korea, which in Canada is 9pm ET/6pm PT on May 6th.

LG has already shown off quite a bit of the Velvet. So far, we’ve seen its “raindrop” camera lenses and 3D Arc Design. Additionally, we know the handset will sport a Snapdragon 765 5G processor and that it will feature a headphone jack. We’ve also seen the device’s glossy green, black, white and red colour variants.

It might be worth noting that LG Global’s account has yet to post the Velvet digital unveiling invitation, so the company may launch the handset in its home country of South Korea before bringing it anywhere else.

That said, it’s also likely LG’s Global page is just running a little behind. I think this minimalistic smartphone design is what LG needs in its wheelhouse right now, so hopefully, this phone does launch in Canada sooner than later.