Google employees have tips on how to stay connected from a distance

In a new Google blog post, employees of the search engine listed ways they’re keeping in touch with friends and families – beyond a simple phone call – during these hard times. The hope is to help and inspire anyone reading the blog post to discover new ways to stay in touch with their loved ones through Google products.

Google Podcasts member Robin Bhaduri recommends using the Google Home app to give his family a surprise hello.

“To feel closer when we’re far away, I broadcast messages through the Google Home app to my family in London (I’m in California). Usually, I’ll say hi and give them a few updates on my day. I get a kick out of knowing I might give them a little surprise of suddenly hearing my voice in the hallway,” says Bhaduri.

Google Fit team member Ajay Surie says he has a breakfast talk with family through his Nest Hub Max over Google Duo.

“I have a Nest Hub Max in my kitchen. I use it most often while I’m cooking, but lately, I’ve been using it to video chat with family over Google Duo. I can do things like have breakfast with my five-year-old nephew without having to hold a phone,” says Surie.

Tenor team member Jeff Sinckler says he likes to cook tasty dishes with friends through Youtube and Google Docs.

“My friends send each other YouTube videos showing ways to prepare tasty dishes. We all try the same recipe, prepare it as shown in the video, and send photos to each other once the dish is completed. It’s been fun to see the similarities and differences between the same dish, prepared by different people,” says Sinckler.

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